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10 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Right Now (April 2020)

In this monthly feature, we take advantage of our Product Mafia PRO membership to bring to you a list of the top 10 products to sell in April 2020. If you find this section useful you may wish to consider checking out Product Mafia for yourself for even more winning products and the full data / analytics / supplier information for each product posted below.

10 – Wall-mounted Folding Trash Can

This video achieved over 2 million views in just two short months, advertised by an amature, unestablished dropshipping brand called ‘Moopk Fashion’. If a page called Moopk fashion can managed over a million views per month, imagine what an experienced dropshipper can achieve with a well-branded single-product or niche store.

9 – Reusable Jar Bags

Again another newbie making a killing with a simple product. This time from a store called “” and with some ziplock bags. We noticed some pretty major errors on the product landing page, but the product is so strong that doesn’t seem to matter. The Facebook ad for this product has already achieved 2.9million views in just 3 weeks!

8 – Nail Polish Pen

It’s a genius product, and it’s selling like hot cakes with Facebook ads. The Facebook ad for this product has achieved 2.4 million views in just 2 weeks! No celebrity endorsements, to major brand deals, all being advertised and sold by an amateur drop-shipper with the brand name “woowlish”. If you are thinking you can do better… it’s probably because you can. $13 selling price, and a $1.30 purchase price. That’s a 10x mark up! Grant Cardone would be proud.

7 – Data Protection Pen

A simple-generic product, with not-so-generic results. 1.6 million views in the first 2 weeks of this ad launching.

6 – Ear Wax Cleaner

Personally I would never shove that thing into my own ear, but it seems I might be alone with this notion. The Facebook ad for this product has already achieved 2.9 million views and is only 2 weeks old! The page advertising this on Facebook is called “Spinkle Jingle L” – proof that you don’t need social media branding skills or to do will with dropshipping nowadays. If an idiot can achieve 2.9 million views in 2 weeks, imagine what a well-design well thought out brand can achieve.

5 – Aluminum Folding Ladder

The Facebook ad has already 733k views in its first month, not bad for a product with an almost-$100-profit-margin!

Again, being sold by an amateur drop shipper, with the name “CozyFami”, it’s hard to imagine anyone spending $240 with a company called CozyFami, but it seems people are. This is such a strong winning product, with such high-profit margins, it is kind-of-hard to get this one wrong.

4 – Pressure Washer

Pressure washers do well about this time of the year every year, but especially this year because of the whole coronavirus stay-at-home thing. So good we found this Facebook ad, from a page called “Avo Good Day” (really), and achieved 8.9 million views in the first 2 weeks!

Talk about viral!

3 – Silicon Back Scrub

We love this product because of how simple it is. the product is exactly what it says it is, a silicone back scrub. However, simple product does not equal simple performance. The video for this product was posted just 3 weeks ago and has already amassed 3.3million view. Very impressive for such a simple product.

2 – Wireless WIFI Camera

Every now and then, a product comes along, and it changes the life of everyone selling it forever. This just might be that product, is a smart wifi camera with all the bells and wistles and you can sell it for just $29.99. Sounds like it might be popular right? RIGHT! The video posted on Facebook just 2 months ago has already achieved 10million views!

1 – Perfect Fit Jean Leggings

Oh the power of a good product video! This ^^ Facebook ad posted just one month ago. Current view count, above 15million!!!!
$3.25 product cost, but currently selling at $14.95 + shipping, could possibly sell even higher, very nice healthy profit margins.


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