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Niche Scraper Vs Ecom Hunt (April 2020 Update).

The number 1 factor to being successful in dropshipping is a winning product. Product research tools like EcomHunt and Niche Scraper make this easy for you and help you find the latest trending viral products. But which one is better? Let’s investigate!

Niche Scraper or Ecomhunt. Do you even need to use any of these services?

Well technically no, all the research that is done by EcomHunt and Niche Scraper you can do manually yourself. Just keep scrolling Facebook manually until you find a winning product, the trouble with doing it that way is that 1. it is time-consuming, and 2. you will only see products that are being shown to YOU! If you are in America, there could be a product that is absolutely killing it in Canada, but you would never find it yourself. If you are a male, there could be a female product that is absolutely killing it, but you would never know. For this reason, product research tools are essential.

What is Niche Scraper?

Niche scraper basically does the product research for you. Finds winning products, and displays them in a handy format for you to view like with Ecomhunt, Niche Scraper call this “Hand Picked”. However, Niche Scraper also have a ton of other useful tools like Product Scraper, that finds trending products on Aliexpress and presents them with a ton of useful data like sales tends, and top-selling country etc.

There is also store finder, video ad maker and more!

What is EcomHunt?

Ecomhunt is essentially just the “Hand Picked” section that niche scraper offer. They find winning products for you, and upload them every day to their online dashboard.

Although it may seem that EcomHunt is at a disadvantage because it doesn’t have all the extra bells and whistles that Niche Scraper has. However, it might be the case that all this extra focus on hand-picked products means that EcomHunt has the very best products in the industry. Let’s find out.

So who has the better hand-picked products?

To remain unbiased, we will just take a look at the two more recent product for each service and then evaluate them on their own merits. So here they are:

EcomHunt ($20/month)

Ok, so neither of these products seem particularly appealing, but we are living in strange times now, everyone is stuck at home during COVID-19, and both these are home products. So maybe they are doing well? So let’s take a look at how well these products are performing wth online advertising.

OK, so first, the steamer. It’s doing terrible, here is the ‘Winning” Facebook ad they found for this product has less than 10k views and less than 50 likes! I failed product. I have no idea what this product is doing on the EcomHunt platform.

The cat toy? Equally as trash. The “Winning” Facebook ad, just 6.1k views, again less than 50 likes on the ad. A totally failed test. Why would EcomHunt use these two products? What were they thinking?

It’s hard to tell is EcomHunt is super incompetent, or just trolling their members?

Or have all Product Research services gotten this bad? Let’s take a look at Niche Scraper.

Niche Scraper ($39/month)

Straight off the bat these products seem soo much better than the EcomHunt products. Both these products are ‘New’ products, by that I mean, I have never seen them before. Even without the winning ad, there is value in just being introduced to products you have never seen before. Both products are also topical right now, all school are closed and kids need something to do, all gyms are closed also and people looking to exercise at home.

But coolness aside, let’s check out the performance.

Ok, so the first one, the kids drawing thing, 1.7millions views on the Facebook ad. Exactly like you would hope to see for ‘winning product’ PROOF it is actually winning!

The second product, the yoga mat. Almost 400k views on the Facebook ad, typically a little less than what we would consider ‘winning’ but it’s certainly a good start.

The Summary

In terms of price. Ecomhunt is the cheapest at just $20 per month (vs $39/month Niche Scraper). However, in terms of value, Ecomhunt is giving you almost zero value. So Niche Scraper is undoubtedly the better option, because of the two services, it seems like Niche Scraper is the only one actually provided the winning products!

Not to mention all the other free services that Niche Scraper offers. My advice? Give niche scraper a try.


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