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How to Increase Conversion Rate For Your Dropshipping Store

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Are your website visitors adding products to their cart but leaving without completing the checkout? Do they leave your store without visiting other pages? It’s most likely something prevented them from converting immediately. If your website fis failing to turn visitors into customers, you need to find out where the problem lies. If you’re unable to pinpoint the reason why you’re not getting a sale, you’ll just be wasting money by driving traffic to your dropshipping store which you can’t monetize.

Why do visitors leave a website without converting?

There are several factors that can cause potential customers to leave your website without converting and these include:

#1 You have no call-to-action button

People need to know what to do when they arrive on your site. If you want them to sign-up for a newsletter, you should have a specific CTA for that. If you want them to buy your products, you need to place an Add to Cart button in places where they could easily see them. Instruct people using CTA buttons so they can act appropriately and convert.   

#2 You have a complex or bad website design

If people can’t quickly find what they’re looking for in your dropshipping site, they’ll leave to check other stores. Bad product layout, and the absence of essential policies like your Shipping Policy and Return Policy can drive people away from your store. To get ideas on how to improve your store design, look up these top Shopify stores.

#3 There are invalid links or static elements

When visitors click on a broken link or invalid link, they might think that your site is under maintenance or being updated. Instead of checking other pages, they’re likely to leave your site to check out other stores selling the same product as yours.

#4 Your site is not mobile-friendly

Most people are accessing websites through their phones more than other devices. This is why having a mobile-ready dropshipping site is very important. Make sure that navigating your site through mobile is smooth and easy for your visitors so they can pick products and complete checkout with less hassle.

#5 They are not interested in your products

Targeting the right audience with your ads is vital in achieving higher conversion. When you market to the right people, you are most likely to get sales with your efforts. To know how to target the right audience for your ads, check out this article.

How to drive conversions in your dropshipping store?

Aside from optimizing your website for conversion, you also need to create a sense of urgency to compel people to buy your dropshipping products. You have to employ effective marketing methods to influence your audiences’ behavior and make them urgently act on your offer. Setting deadlines, showing scarcity, and having flash sales are just a few of the techniques you can use to drive conversions. You can find more methods in this article.

Final Words

To increase your store’s conversions, you have to target the right audience and optimize your website for conversions. There’s no sense in directing traffic to your website when it is not equipped to convert them. Driving the wrong audience to your site will not be smart either because they will never convert. By ensuring that your ads are focused on the right people and your site has all the elements to convert visitors, you’ll be able to generate more sales in your dropshipping business.


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