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Ecom Elites Honest Review 2020

We signed up to EcomElites in 2020, and this is our genuine review from a real student of Ecom Elites. No affiliate links. No paid promotions. Just an honest review. Here it is:

First of all there is the cost. The course is currently priced at $197. A bargain compared to most other dropshipping courses on the market at, ranging from $997 – $4,997!

However, the lower cost does not seem to equate to a lower value, as the actual amount of content is actually more (not less) than the other comparable $997 courses out-there, with over 30 hours of content! Making it the best value course in my option, but that isn’t why I chose the course.

I chose Ecom Elites because of the guy teaching the course, Franklin Hachet. Franklin is an OG, he was teaching dropshipping online since way before Shopify was popular, Franklin puts a ton of free content out on youtube so I was sure he was genuine and his teaching based on real results/experience. A lot of other gurus out there lack transparency, while many other gurus teach dropshipping, but don’t actually have a dropshipping business for themself, Franklin Hacket has multiple real-life examples to show.

The course delivered way more than what was expected, I learnt about chatbots, Facebook ads, google shopping and search engine optimisation. The course is delivered in a no-nonsense and straight to the point format, which I really appreciated.

Here is a breakdown of the actual course material

Module 1 – Product Research

This section in my humble opinion is a little overkill. It is over 4 and a half hours of material. He shows many different methods of doing product research, but some of them seem a bit outdated. Nowadays the best way to do product research for drop shippers is via a professional product research service like Product Mafia, anything else you are just making life unnecessarily hard for yourself. However, some of the other methods that Fraklin used are still great for reference.

Module 2 – Setting Up Your Shopify Store

This is one of the areas where Fraklin really excels. Years of experience condensed down into a super handy under 3 hour walk-though. He shows you the step by step process of setting up a new Shopify store, including setting up payment and shipping options as well as which apps to use, emails systems, product automation and many more!

Module 3 & 4 – Facebook

The key to success in dropshipping is being able to advertise your product effectively. One of the best ways advertise is via Facebook. So it makes sense that these are the longest of all the modules, with over 10 hours of the content total!

Fraklin takes the time to explain how to set up Facebook ads, how to build audiences for targeting, how to set up and implement the Facebook pixel, how to split test different AB test, how to read and analyze campaign data, how to set up retargeting campaigns, how to scale up your winning campaigns, the best methods for bidding.

The module takes a while to get though, but it is well worth it.

Module 5 – Instagram

Instagram is the second biggest social media platform only Facebook, so Franklin did well to include this in the course. This section is relatively quick compared to the Facebook section, at just over 1 hour in length. However, it covers everything you need to know about how to use Instagram to get traffic for your store, how to use Instagram influencers to drive sales, how to run Instagram ads and how to set up and schedule posts to keep followers engaged.

Module 6 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization – Free Organic Google Traffic)

Knowing how to drive traffic to your store for FREE can change your business, and it a super valuable skill to know, not just for dropshipping but for any business with an online presence. The module is a pure gem, it covers many topics not covered in other courses. This section was around 1 and a half hours long, but the information in here is enough to warrant being it’s stand-alone SEO course.

Module 7 – Email Marketing

A lot of people consider that e-mail marketing is dead, however, most intelligent people know this is not true. Especially for e-commerce, e-mail marketing is essential to re-engage your audience, encourage repeat purchases and increase the average value per customer. This module covers the basic of e-mail marketing for Dropshippers, including how to set your e-mail marketing on auto-pilot.

Module 8 – Business Management

This is another area where Franklins really shines. Managing a dropshipping business is unlike managing other business types, so this module was amazing. It covers everything from including how to hiring virtual assistants, how to increase sales and profits and how to automate the business. He does also cover the topic of taxes and finances, however, Frank is a New Zealander so he doesn’t unable to provide country-specific advice, which could have been useful.

Module 9 – ‘Top Secret Videos’

For obvious reasons, I wasn’t sure whether I should disclose the contents of this section or not. However, I am a huge advocate of transparency, here it is. The ‘top secret videos’ module covers topics such as using warranties and coupons to increase sales, how to leverage review websites to give you the edge over your competition, and how to use Facebook to spy on your competitors.

Overall this module was useful, but I don’t think it was worthy of being branded ‘top secret’.

Module 10 – Update Module

Another solid module from Franklin. The world of eCommerce and digital marketing is fast evolving. Methods that worked 3 months ago might not still work today, for this reason, Ecom Elites has a whole module dedicate toward updated video showing the latest methods and system that work!

Module 11 – Video Requests

Franklin isn’t just one of those gurus that makes a course and runs. He stressed that he is always available to help his students as and when required. This modules is where students can request videos and these videos will be added to the module. Some topics so far include tips on ad creatives, copy writing, managing multiple Facebook ad accounts and more. There is already hours of content and it’s growing.

The Summary

As Franklin states clearly from the beginning, this is course is only as valuable as the action you take after it.

I also had the opportunity to talk to many other Ecom Elites student also and unfortunately, although everyone agrees the course is good value, it seems many students did not talk any action after the course, they got lazy and unmotivated. They would always have one excuse or another why RIGHT NOW is not a good time for them to start, and as a result, never saw any results.

Personally, I was already dropshipping before I took the course, and after completing the course I saw a noticeable difference in take-home earning, for me the return on investment on this course was incredible and I would highly recommend everyone take this course, it is well worth the money. You just need to remember, the most important thing is ACTION, you will never see the result from this course if you never put anything into action.


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