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Is Sebastian Ghiorghiu the number one dropshipper on YouTube?

There aren’t many entrepreneurs this young and successful, but then again, Sebastian Ghiorghiu isn’t a regular guy. He owns one of the most successful dropshipping YouTube channels out there and generates an insane amount of revenue using his eCommerce skills. 

Starting out as a server at Taco Bell making less than $50 a day, Sebastian dropped out of college and went on to generate $5,000 of revenue in his first month as a dropshipper. It’s always the college dropouts, they’re the ones to watch. 

Sebastian has been on YouTube since 2014, but he only really got into making dropshipping videos around two years ago. In this time he’s managed to rack up a very respectable 200,000 YouTube subscribers and around 40,000 Instagram followers. His most popular YouTube video “How I Became Succesful in 34 Days” has reached over 1.4 million viewers. Pretty sweet going for someone who started out in their bedroom. 

His channel features a good mixture of content. There’s information for everyone from beginners who are just learning dropshipping, to the pros who’ve already cut their teeth. If you need a bit of motivation to keep going then Sebastian is your guy, he also includes great lifestyle content such as the video where he unboxed his new no limit American Express Platinum card. 

It’s evident that Sebastian Ghiorghiu is one of the most talented and accomplished young Entrepreneurs in the eCommerce space right now. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on him to see just where he ends up, we’re sure he’s going on to do big things. 


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