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Meet Biaheza; the most interesting young entrepreneur in the world

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There are a lot of dropshipping YouTube channels who live, eat, and breathe eCommerce. Not all of them can say that they’ve been in the game since middle school though. Biaheza is one of the youngest entrepreneurs to see massive success from his experiences with learning dropshipping and eCommerce. 

Online marketing is all about evidence. If you claim you can do something, you need to be able to prove it. Biaheza puts things to the test and documents the entire process for his viewers to follow along. He’s produced several hit videos that have reached over a million views; covering diverse topics such as “I Tried Turning $0 into $10k Online Challenge” and “I Tried Forex Day Trading for a Week”.

Biaheza has skyrocketed to YouTube fame much more quickly than anyone could have expected. The oldest video on his channel was uploaded as recently as November 2018. A channel that now boasts nearly 400,000 subscribers. He’s also managed to rack up over 50,000 Instagram followers in that time. Not bad for a kid who started out his dropshipping journey from his bedroom. 

Unlike many other YouTubers in online marketing space, Biaheza is all about showing us the details. He’s not shy about giving us a look behind the scenes and showing just how everything works. Others would be tempted to edit out their failures, but Biaheza shares all of the gory details. We’re sure that this young entrepreneur has even bigger and more exciting things ahead of him.


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