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Meet Verum Ecom, the YouTuber shaking up Dropshipping

Verum Ecom isn’t the usual dropshipping solopreneur channel, it’s actually run by a group of friends. Every channel needs a face though and Verum Ecom chose the charismatic John Voon for this task. 

Frustrated with false information and “gurus” who peddle fake products, Verum Ecom is here to challenge the status quo. Every member of the team has their own personal eCommerce journey under their belt. Unlike other YouTube dropshipping channels Verum Ecom only publishes incredibly insightful long form content. This channel builds off the collective experience of the team and their years of experimenting with the best eCommerce strategies.

The Verum Ecom YouTube channel is very new to the scene, it’s only been around since July 2019. John has managed to put out 11 high quality videos in this time. Don’t let the fact that the channel doesn’t have hundreds of videos to watch put you off, this laser focussed content has attracted over a million total views and over 50,000 subscribers. Pretty impressive for such a small channel. 

This channel brings tons of value to those who’ve just started out learning dropshipping and those who’ve got a bit more experience in the industry alike. There are several free dropshipping courses that teach the ins and outs of the business on Verum Ecoms channel. The amount of value provides by this channel is truly astounding. The guys at Verum Ecom definitely know what they’re talking about and we can see the channel going big places in the future.


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