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Product Mafia vs Ecomhunt (April 2020)

Every month we review all Dropshipping Product Research services to see which ones are currently the best! Some services start of great, but then they get a ton of members, all the products become over saturated and they stop caring about the quality of the winning dropshipping products that they upload. In this article we are going to compare Product Mafia Vs EcomHunt.

The Quality of the Products

When you are paying for a service that provides winning dropshipping products, the number one factor should be how good are those products? Are they proven winners? Or just random dropshit products. Lets see…

In order to remain unbiased, rather than pick & choose the products we will review, we will just review the two most recent products from each service. Here they are:


So of the two products, one of them cannot currently be sold (the face mask). This product will not be approved by google shopping ads and can even get your Facebook advertising account banned. I am not sure what is the use of a product research service that gives you products you cannot sell!

They did, however, find a Facebook ad for this product, it seems the seller is trying to skirt the rules advertising it as a scarf. It is working for now, but the video is only 2 weeks old, it is likley only a matter of time until that gets banned, but hey! We might be wrong, I’ll embed the Facebook ad here so you can see for yourself:

In our humble opinion, you don’t need to try and skirt the rules and resort to black-hat techniques to try to make money in dropshipping, there are tons of legitimate opportunities out there. In this case, the results (less than 400k views on Facebook ads over two weeks old) is certainly not worth the risk of losing your Facebook ad account!

For this product, we’re rating it 2/10. It gets 2 out of 10 because it is still a trending product, and some sellers may be looking for a way to skirt the mask-advertising ban, but it loses a lot of marks because it is going to put a lot of dropshipping sellers at risk, and risk for what? A product with mediocre results.

Next was the skipping rope. Home workout products are killing it right now. In the US $28.6 billion is spent on gym memberships each year. Now all the money that is usually spent on a gym membership is open to us dropshippers for the taking! All gyms are closed and people are working out from home instead. $28.6 b-i-l-l-i-o-n!!!

So the niche is good, but how is the product?

Well… pretty sh*t actually.

A truly failed product. The advertiser testing this product let it go to 99k views before deciding it’s working and presumably killed the ad.

It’s still in a good niche, we believe this product could still be successful if you had a good video, filmed with fitness influencer, and advertising from a good branded page/website, but this page is called “Famiex Page” and the video is terrible. As things are right now, at the time of uploading to Ecomhunt, they provide no evidence that this is a “winning product”, there are no examples times when this product has worked well with advertising in the past, no evidence of demand or a trend, nothing.

So for this product, we’re rating is 1/10. 1 mark because the niche is good, but really, this product has nothing else going for it. In fact, if you search “jump rope” on Aliexpress and then “sort by” orders. You will see that none of the top-selling jump ropes has this stupid counter thing:

The top results are dominated by speed-ropes (made from steel rope) that available in a few color choices. It seems that if you wanted to sell a jump rope, a MUCH better option would be a steel speed-rope with different color options available. This can also be confirmed by checking the jump rope category on Amazon also;

It took 5 minutes of research to find a much better option for this same product/nihce. No idea why Ecomhunt thought “JUMP ROPE WITH COUNTER” was a ‘winning product’.

Summary of products – Ecomhunt
Of the two products Ecomhunt listed as a ‘winning product’, one cannot be advertised, and the other is failed product with zero evidence it is in demand. One product we rated 2/10 and the other 1/10. Bringing the quality of Ecomhunt products to total 1.5 out of 10! Pretty shocking.

Product Mafia

So now let’s take a look at Product Mafia‘s two most recent winning dropshipping products….

Straight of the bat, without clicking through to the product you can already see a lot of the important information, which is useful. At the top, they have the product cost (in grey) and the selling price (in red), and at the bottom, you can see the engagement of this product as received on the winning Facebook ad. So we don’t need to click the products to see that they are already proven winners, with 2.8 million views and 1.1million views respectively.

The facial steamer is a good one, I guess this product is so successful for the same reason home-workout equipment is so popular right now. Like gyms, all salons are currently closed! If you have ever got a professional facial done at a salon you will know a large part of a professional facial is the face steaming. Now customers can get this same salon experience at home, pretty nifty! Customers are responding well too, looking at the engagement on the Facebook ads – 2.8 million views! Solid 10/10 for this product.

The next product is another great one, we didn’t even know this product existed before seeing it on Product Mafia. Which is always a promising sign! Basically it is a mat that you position outside your cat’s litter box and it catches any litter that spills over and also catches the smell!

It’s a hit with customers:

The best things about this, it’s already a proven success, but it is successful on an amateur poorly set-up dropshipping website called “”. If it can do this well on a website called imagine how well it would do on a professional well-set-up website!

Another solid 10/10 product.

Summary of products – Product Mafia

Both products provided were proven winning products. The products themselves are cool products and tons of social proof to boot, it is hard to find any criticism, Product Mafia are clearly experts when it comes to product research. We rated both products 10/10, making Product Mafia‘s overall score for Product Research 10/10.

The Result – Who has the best winning products?

Comparing Product Mafia to EcomHunt is like really it comparing two opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to the quality of products. Product Mafia are clearly experts and providing their customers with high quality winning products, which is sure to lead to successful and profitable dropshipping. EcomHunt on the other hand… it’s hard to tell if Ecomhunt just don’t know what they are doing, or if they are just trolling their own paid members at this point, giving everyone failing products. We’ll let you decide that one.

The Price

After the first section, the quality of the winning products, it’s hard to understand why anyone would pay for Ecomhunt, but for what it’s worth, here are the prices:

I guess you get what you pay for. The first month trail for $1 from Product Mafia is pretty sweet also. Frankly, given the quality of products that Product Mafia consistently puts out, $49 is a steal. Here is what we give the two services in terms of value:

The Result

The winner is clear. Ecomhunt is charging customers $20/month for a supply of failed products or products that will get your Facebook ads account banned. Product Mafia is charging $49/month for a constant supply of high quality winning dropshipping products. It doesn’t seem fair to even put Product Mafia in the same category as Ecomhunt.



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