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Meet Jack Kitchener, British entrepreneur and dropshipping mastermind

Most of the dropshipping experts you come across are based in the USA, but this British YouTuber is bucking the trend. Jack Kitchener is a seasoned eCommerce industry veteran, with four years of dropshipping experience under his belt. 

Jack’s YouTube channel may only be a couple of years old, but he’s already created a vast library of high quality informational video content. He’s achieved 287 uploads, which is an incredibly impressive rate of video publishing. Jack’s no slouch about his upload schedule, that’s for sure. 

While many dropshipping YouTube channels shy away from broadcasting the failures, Jack is always ready to share all the mistakes he’s made. This open and honest approach to his dropshipping journey is just one of the many reasons we think it’s only a matter of time before his YouTube channel blows up. 

Jack’s style of content production is modest and informal. He focuses first on delivering the important information instead of flashy production values and editing. Despite this simple format, the videos are of great quality and his presenting style makes the content really easy to consume. 

It’s really easy to get caught up in being way too USA centric when you’re learning dropshipping. The vast population translates into a huge amount of potential customers. Jack reminds us that it’s totally possible to make a decent amount of money in other markets too though. One of his most popular videos details how he launched a dropshipping store in his home country of the United Kingdom. 


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